Who Sang Settled Land? Echolyn

Echolyn As the World cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995-3
Genre: Rock
Style: Prog Rock/Art Rock
length: 5:43
It used to be so romantic
But sometimes the l___er gets lost and abused
It's good to find time to remember
All that we've done, the things we've been through

Please don't try to change or alter
Or stake a claim on settled land
We've been here before the grass became green
When the sound was new

I like to keep well rooted
When the anchor runs deep
You know the base never bends
Away from the you you believe in
Once you lose touch you begin to pretend

What used to bring fond memories
Leaves me now with no desire
The deeper this disease will spread
Thinner will our face appear
When after all is spent and done
Do you still think the choice you've made
Has been the right one?
I never thought I'd feel this way
For something for so long

I'm a w____ for punishment
My time spent in purgatory
Hero or idiot just depends on
How you look at it

Settling for something less
Is like giving up on your last breath
Worn too thin to give advice
That no one needs to hear
I'd trade off all my privacy
For this dream 'til now has frightened me
I push to get, to give, to grow
To keep our will from suffering

You pull in the reins I'll bite the bit
Toss my head and throw you
You force the chord that never fits
I'll break the staff that holds it

Come on and tell me, tell me how to be
Go on and show me, show me what to see

Come on down you've got nothing to fear
It's a plain simple fact we all float down here!

I've seen Wickersham Brothers and Beezle Nut Oil
They'd love to try to boil you
Taggarts, Tooheys, Healots galore
Swearing "We'll never screw you."

When forever comes down to cover
Points a and b and all that's between
It's the stuff in the middle that matters
It moves you, it makes you
It is your whole being

Please don't try to change or alter
Or stake a claim on settled land
We've been here before the grass becomes green
When the sound was new
Before deals were dealt and pie was cut
When doors were ours to open and shut
But still the game's there to be played...or not

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