Who Sang Uncle? Echolyn

Echolyn As the World cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995-3
Genre: Rock
Style: Prog Rock/Art Rock
length: 6:55
Mother do you mind if I sleep in today?
There's a boy on the corner who likes to pick on me
He knows the places I hide...I can't get away
He likes to see me cry, so he knocks me down again

Finger points at my chest, bad breath in my face
Hits me like his father would hit him
Try to run if I could...I can't get away
It's not like what's under my bed

I feel like a Charlie Brown look-alike
Look like a polyester king
In my new suit from Arties, that's right in town
My dress shoes from Acme never fit
He called me a goofy geek choir boy
Catholic school freckled little twerp
Black frames they hang on my pudgy cheeks
Pants hoisted up in case of flood

All I hear is mother's voice saying this is not how I raised
Over and over again making my head spin like a little top
A corrective hand, the punishment
This time I've got sentenced to my room
Why can't they see I didn't start this one
But I'll take all the blame again and I don't know why!

Why, Why Why?

What if I told you I was sorry?
Would you drop the strap and let me have dessert?
I'd even take the plate out of my pants
So you won't hurt your hand
Let me come down from my room let me speak
I think that I've sat long enough
I think that I've thought long enough

I owe myself this walk outside today
The world is not as big as I today

Mother do you mind...I'm feeling awfully brave
I want to hear you say...say it for myself
Say it now...I can't hear you
Now is here right now...it's my turn now

My mornings are more carefree
I don't have to look over my shoulder
I breathe a little easier now my conscience is free
I am what I told you

CD 1
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  • 2 As the World
  • 3 Uncle
  • 4 How Long I Have Waited
  • 5 Best Regards
  • 6 The Cheese Stands Alone
  • 7 Letters: Prose
  • 8 Letters: A Short Essay
  • 9 Letters: My Dear Wormwood
  • 10 Letters: Entry 11/19/93
  • 11 Letters: One for the Show
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  • 14 Settled Land
  • 15 A Habit Worth Forming
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