Who Sang Under David's Feet? Eddie From Ohio

Release information
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Rock Folk, World, & Country
length: 3:34

Statue in the square
Where we used to meet
You and I, under David’s feet
Sling-shot fast around this sphere
Sun-splashed, fickle-free
You want love, you’ll find it here-
In Italy

These days will not last
Not much does, I suppose
So I tug at your waist
And I cradle your chin
And I kiss you on the nose
I kiss you on . .

Arizona calm
Still without a sound
You and I staring five miles down
Out across this canyon grand
No deeper than this heart
Take this woman, take this man
Take this woman


CD 1
  • 1 Gravity
  • 2 I Don't Think I Know Me
  • 3 Boomerang
  • 4 Omar's Got a Problem
  • 5 Juan in the Rearview Mirror
  • 6 No Left Turns in Jersey
  • 7 Simile Song
  • 8 Under David's Feet
  • 9 Big Noise
  • 10 Bowling in the Hills
  • 11 Margot Fonteyn
  • 12 Undone
  • 13 Observation
  • 14 The Train Song
  • 15 The New James Bond