Who Sang Me Too? Eddy Arnold

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length: 2:43
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You write and say you're broken hearted me too
You're kinda sorry that we parted me too
You tell me all you ever do is sit around and cry
Well I can sympathize with you cause so do I
You feel it's time for us to wake up me too
You think we ought to kiss and make up me too
I never missed nobody half as much and I miss you
And it's nice to know you miss me too
You say that you're all through pretending me too
You're counting on a happy ending me too
I never could make up my mind to look for someone new
I didn't want nobody else I wanted you
You're planning on a happy marriage me too
You want to push a baby carriage me too
I never loved nobody half as much as I love you
And it's nice to know you love me too

  • 1 You Know How Talk Gets Around
  • 2 Just a Little Lovin'
  • 3 Till the End of the World
  • 4 Save a Little Corner in Your Heart
  • 5 M-O-T-H-E-R
  • 6 I Wouldn't Trade the Silver in My Mother's Hair
  • 7 That Wonderful Mother of Mine
  • 8 Bring Your Roses to Her Now
  • 9 I Wish I Had a Girl Like You Mother
  • 10 My Mother's Sweet Voice
  • 11 There's No Wings on My Angel
  • 12 The Echo of Your Footsteps
  • 13 Why Didn't You Take That Too
  • 14 That Little Boy of Mine
  • 15 My Heart Cries for You
  • 16 This Is the Thanks I Get (For Loving You)
  • 17 Don't Rob Another Man's Castle
  • 18 Me Too
  • 19 Little Angel With a Dirty Face
  • 20 I've Got Other Fish to Fry
  • 21 Many Tears Ago
  • 22 I Walk Alone
  • 23 Show Me the Way Back to Your Heart
  • 24 Homesick, Lonesome and Sorry
  • 25 One Kiss Too Many

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    script: Latin