Edison Glass - Today Has Wings 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2006-4-6
ジャンル: Rock Pop
スタイル: Pop Rock/Alternative Rock/Emo
length: 4:28
Today has grown wings and we're welcoming change
With expectation, open eyes, and outstretched arms.
We're asking "sweet spirit place your mark on us.
Sweet spirit, let our mortality be swallowed by life."

We're shedding this thick,
Numb and overly insensitive skin
And trading it for something we can live with
To live and breathe without restriction.

Now this is your release.
We've burned out the eyes of restraint.
Don’t hold back.
This is the release.
We're changed from within.
Jesus You've proved where the real freedom's from.

CD 1
  • 1 My Fair One
  • 2 Forever
  • 3 Starlight
  • 4 This House
  • 5 Today Has Wings
  • 6 Dear Honesty
  • 7 In Such a State
  • 8 Angelic in Heart
  • 9 Minutes for Memories
  • 10 The River
  • 11 You Mean the World to Me
  • 12 A Burn or a Shiver
  • 13 When All We Have Is Taken / Comfort