Who Sang Big Casino? EDL

EDL Moment of Clarity cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Hip Hop Rock
Style: Hardcore
length: 2:18

Now's the time to rise, rise, rise! 10:45 and you take your spot in the pew, oblivious to the fact that all eyes are on you. For an injustice that you covered up for pride, hoping that no one knows that to them you lied. But frivolous are the ways of selfish nature, to bear the thought of them knowing they'd hate ya. Still right now, how bad do you hate yourself? When three can be family, one dead and one no help. How can it be, when two become three in a family, that a family could be the cause of a modern day casualty? Nerve, nerve, nerve! The biased interjections of a clan that damns all the downfalls of the common man. And why must the ignorant lay dead to blame? You hold your head high while one's down in shame. And what part of the plea will fall on deaf ears? Dare to be judged by a jury of your own peers? I thought that ended when everyone got a voice. Freedom of speech is freedom of choice. How can this be real? What are you standing there for? Come on and feel what's right! Look into my eyes! How can this be real?

CD 1
  • 1 Let It Ride
  • 2 Endurance
  • 3 Never Fails
  • 4 Sunshine (I Promise You)
  • 5 Incline
  • 6 Big Casino
  • 7 The Choice Is Yours
  • 8 Represent
  • 9 Relocate
  • 10 Adieu
  • 11 Wrecking Ball
  • 12 Endurance (reprise)
  • 13 Time to Change