Who Sang Represent? EDL

EDL Moment of Clarity cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Hip Hop Rock
Style: Hardcore
length: 4:39

The sun's amber light ignites the day anew, as a child sits and wonders what to do. You see, the world is changing outside, but his home stands still. And with this mindset in place, each day becomes a thrill. Mom and Dad's time would revolutionize history, making this mindset more of a mystery. And now their teachings and their actions define behavior, discounting every single person that has labored. Every morning he faces the forces that make him try, knowing the silence and force only hide the lies. 'Cause he is one of the chosen, child of the master race, and must live life at the family's own pace. And now he stands alone at recess, and prays that God will define the lines and leave the lesser man in pieces. We ask why does this social structure sag? They say pledge American, but worship the rebel flag. Let it burn down, let it burn down to the ground. It doesn't represent me! "If I leave here tomorrow ..." Sweet not sour, spiteful thoughts of you devour. Until the moment of confrontation, in hopes of alleviation, a child's demonstration of open segregation. Although you like to think this taboo, this as any other teaching remains true. And to some it's absolutely relevant, that time is spent teaching the next generation the rebel flag is heaven sent. And with this comes a certain loyalty. And the hierarchy of demise, like Hitler becomes royalty. Looked up to as a hero for all times, breeding the ignorance with the lack of line to define what is real, true and right, blurring the lines of progress when 20/20's hindsight. The flag is a visual for them that revel in false might, with crosses set on the lawn just to ignite. No! It doesn't represent me. It doesn't

CD 1
  • 1 Let It Ride
  • 2 Endurance
  • 3 Never Fails
  • 4 Sunshine (I Promise You)
  • 5 Incline
  • 6 Big Casino
  • 7 The Choice Is Yours
  • 8 Represent
  • 9 Relocate
  • 10 Adieu
  • 11 Wrecking Ball
  • 12 Endurance (reprise)
  • 13 Time to Change