Who Sang Time to Change? EDL

EDL Moment of Clarity cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Hip Hop Rock
Style: Hardcore
length: 2:45
We inherit the world when it's kicked down wheezing and begins to bleed. I wanna drown my brain 'til it's saturated with the irony. What to do now? I'm inundated. Freedom of choice is overrated. Every kid finds that he's subjugated to the apathy.

All the youth want is just to change the world. Change the world! And the older, the more we try to change the youth, and that's the news, yeah! Change the world!

And what you call reckless abandon, I call abandonment of the youth, now where's the proof? I guess that's in the pudding. I've got you jumping up and down like your name was Cuba Gooding Jr. at the Oscars, wild in the streets, running, looking to your youth, and you start shunning. Remember back in the days, chill in the hood, passing out tracts, talking about the news was good. Nowadays that can't happen without the danger. You're looking to the youth, to the fact they're no stranger. Your job's uplifting, help them all cope. Through times of social trials, help generate hope. Times of the socialist reign the soul. Everything now to offer all control. It wasn't handed down but borrowed from the children. Ignite the torch and not offer damp kindling.

Our youth are molotav c___tails ready to ignite. When will we define for ourselves what's wrong and what's right? Then set forth the hounds to track down this present evil? But for my generation there can be no sequel. End times await to shatter dreams and bite at heels. Only love and its wounds can hope truly reveal. This is our time, this is our necessity; to fight against all types of social conformity. I've embraced the failure, I've accepted the truth. And now I must praise, respect, pray, and educate the youth!

CD 1
  • 1 Let It Ride
  • 2 Endurance
  • 3 Never Fails
  • 4 Sunshine (I Promise You)
  • 5 Incline
  • 6 Big Casino
  • 7 The Choice Is Yours
  • 8 Represent
  • 9 Relocate
  • 10 Adieu
  • 11 Wrecking Ball
  • 12 Endurance (reprise)
  • 13 Time to Change