Who Sang I’m Not Following You? Edwyn Collins

Release information
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Rock/Indie Rock
length: 7:30

Women may love me, but I don't love women
At least not collectively
Some men admire me and others despise me
The feeling is mutual, I'm sure you'll agree
Some men go for supermodels
Others, Reader's Wives
Some men deal in high finance
Whilst others deal in lives

I'm not following you

Here are the manuals
A table of contents
Alpha to Zeta, it's all Greek to me
In these new dark ages
When counterfeit sages
Are looked on as beacons
It's something to see

I'm not following you

The Oxbridge fraternity rotters convention
That bone of contention
I'm sorry I mentioned

Consensus, consensus
The senseless consensus
The more than my jobsworth
The dumb and defenseless
The lambs to the slaughter
The dead in the water
Achievers and plodders
The cannons the fodder
The assault on the senses
The re-vamped the wily
The sorry to mention
The rather not say
The dead and the dying
The fish they are frying
The ball needs a bladder
The helmet, a visor
Advised her to sell up and slip out of here
The Knights of the Templar
The violent distemper
The Marvin Rainwater
The Johnny Sincere
The Same

Can you repeat the question?

CD 1
  • 1 It’s a Steal
  • 2 The Magic Piper (of Love)
  • 3 Seventies Night
  • 4 No One Waved Goodbye
  • 5 Downer
  • 6 Keep on Burning
  • 7 Running Away With Myself
  • 8 Country Rock
  • 9 For the Rest of My Life
  • 10 Superficial Cat
  • 11 Adidas World
  • 12 I’m Not Following You