EELS - Agony 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2003-5-28
length: 3:08
producer: E
mixer: Ryan Boesch
recording engineer: Ryan Boesch
programming: Joe Gore, Ryan Boesch and Greg Collins
mastering: Dan Hersch
horn arranger: Koool G Murder and E
assistant engineer: Greg Burns and Alicia Guadagno
Am I gonna be alright?
No I'm not gonna be alright
Nothin' is alright now
Am I gonna see the sun come up?
Or am I goin' down?
'Cause everyday I'm here
All I feel is sheer
Friends tellin' me that maybe I need
Some psychiatric help
Yeah, they're always so quick to tell you
Just how to get on with it
I look into the mirror
And all I see is age, fear
And agony
If I could just remember what is was like
When I was younger
Before all the joy and happiness
Was replaced with hunger
Now all I've got to show
For the seeds that didn't grow
Is agony

CD 1
  • 1 All in a Day's Work
  • 2 Saturday Morning
  • 3 The Good Old Days
  • 4 Love of the Loveless
  • 5 Dirty Girl
  • 6 Agony
  • 7 Rock Hard Times
  • 8 Restraining Order Blues
  • 9 Lone Wolf
  • 10 Wrong About Bobby
  • 11 Numbered Days
  • 12 Fashion Awards
  • 13 Somebody Loves You
  • 14 Sad Foot Sign