Who Sang Set Me Free? Eidolon

Release information
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal

I sit alone - glancing walls of silence
A fading storm outside my window pane
Wondering aloud if the one above has... forsaken me

You give your life and your soul away
For another time and another place
Your God will save you - or so they say

But have you ever felt this warm embrace?
Questions unanswered - losing faith
And then she saved me from the pouring rain
The one I thought could only end this pain

Put your faith and trust in me
I'll show you sights you're sure not to believe

But now I struggle to break free
Seven spirits deep inside of me
They had led me to temptation
Now realize that I need God's salvation
Those sacrificed - for all to see
My mind isn't what it used to be
Atrocities - for I have caused such pain

I can't deny what became of me
Twisting my mind - the pain I can't believe

Set me free
Can't take this pain inside of me

CD 1
  • 1 Confession
  • 2 In Visions Past
  • 3 Shattered Image
  • 4 The Path
  • 5 No Escape
  • 6 Priest
  • 7 The Inner Demon
  • 8 Set Me Free
  • 9 The Seven Spirits
  • 10 Diary of a Madman