Who Sang I’ll Be There? El DeBarge

El DeBarge Heart, Mind & Soul cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1994
length: 4:03
Baby, baby love's a mystery
So hard to define
Darling, darling more than I can see
Love is so blind

So many times he left you all night long
Don't make no sense for you to carry on
Just give me a chance to know ya
I just want a chance to know ya
All my love I'll give to you
And girl, when we're through
I'll be there

Call my name if you should want me
I'll come a running to you, baby
I'll be around, always around for you
Long as you want me to

Darling, darling you can look for me
And I can be found
Sugar, sugar you can lean on me
You know that I'm down

All you've had too much to carry on your own
But from now on you'd never walk alone
I'll shelter you in my arms
Cover you with my charms
All my love I give to you
And girl, when we're through
I'll be there

[Chorus: x2]

Just like a damsel in distress
Needing someone who would fight for her
Well, baby I would
I know I could
I'll be your knight in shining armor
I will rescue you

[Chorus: x3]

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