Electric Wizard - Son of Nothing 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1997-1
ジャンル: Rock
スタイル: Stoner Rock/Space Rock/Doom Metal
length: 6:45
producer: Justin Oborn, Rolf Startin and Mike Hurst
mixer: Justin Oborn, Mike Hurst and Rolf Startin
Dying sun fades in our sky
The time has come for us to say goodbye
Construct the pods, we must evacuate
To the stars again, is this to be our fate?

Oh baby, just maybe, we'll take you
To the sun of nothingness

We left the war pigs far behind
Plot apocalyptic course to find
Will we ever reach our journey's end
To find a world and start again

Oh baby, just maybe, we'll return
To the sun of nothingness

CD 1
  • 1 Return Trip
  • 2 Wizard in Black
  • 3 Doom-Mantia
  • 4 Ivixor B / Phase Inducer
  • 5 Son of Nothing
  • 6 Solarian 13