Who Sang Nightmare Song? Eleni Mandell

Release information
Release Date: 2002-2-5
Genre: Rock
length: 2:32

My clock said one
When he entered through the back door
Easily, quietly
How could I have known
Heavily I slept while
Stealthily he crept from room to room
He left my platinum diamond ring
And never checked to see my color TV
Surely I'd regret my life meant nothing to him
Anything I kept barely managed to amuse him
Oh, endlessly I miss you
Endlessly I forget you
Endlessly I forget
The minutes marched in tall black boots
Time went on and came back again
What grew in place of his heart jumped out of his chest
I would've called out
I think that I didn't
Endlessly I miss you
Endlessly I forget
His hand was full and human
Over my mouth
Rush of lightning pulled me to consciousness
Dear one, I was a friend to life
How could you let me lose it
Endlessly I forget

CD 1
  • 1 Pauline
  • 2 He Thinks He's in Love
  • 3 Closer to Him
  • 4 No Good, No More
  • 5 Too Bad About You
  • 6 1970 Red Chevelle
  • 7 Moment That You Had
  • 8 Action is Action
  • 9 Nightmare Song
  • 10 Never Know the Party's Here
  • 11 Taking You Out
  • 12 Bedford (Avenue)
  • 13 Giving Up the Fight