Who Sang Personal? Eleni Mandell

Eleni Mandell Artificial Fire cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-2-17
Genre: Rock Pop Folk, World, & Country
Style: Alternative Rock/Indie Rock/Folk Rock
length: 2:52
My eyes are the color
Of martini olives
I always drink two
Never three

My hair is plain brown
Once I was blond
Not towheaded

I like to drink coffee
With one cube of sugar
Always with cream
And never with milk

Only dark chocolate
I really love summer
I love to be warm
I love to feel hopeful

Under the stars
In Audrey's backyard
Wanting for someone
To kiss me

But someone would not
And time's getting short
The night's growing colder
And I'm going home

We danced and we danced
In my old apartment
When everyone left
Someone slept on the couch

I thought about love
And how I love somebody else
But is that enough?

Lining up memories
Each one a hair
At the edge of the mirror
I count and I stare

I wish that the quiet would end
With a telephone ring
Could a friend turn
Into a different thing?

Laughing and laughing
In my old apartment
But that's not what lovers do
They sigh and hope for the future

CD 1
  • 1 Artificial Fire
  • 2 God Is Love
  • 3 Right Side
  • 4 Personal
  • 5 Tiny Waist
  • 6 It Wasn’t the Time (It Was the Color)
  • 7 Bigger Burn
  • 8 Little Foot
  • 9 Don’t Let It Happen
  • 10 In the Doorway
  • 11 Needle and Thread
  • 12 Front Door
  • 13 I Love Planet Earth
  • 14 Two Faces
  • 15 Cracked