Who Sang This City? Elevation Worship

Release information
Release Date: 2008-7-10
length: 3:40

Verse 1:
We come together and we stand as one
With You forever
You tell us that You'll keep Your promise
And finish what You started
This revolution now it's starting
And running through the streets
And pouring through the city
Redemption's calling
Calling us to come alive

Our hearts on fire
For the people in our lives
We won't burn out, we won't stop till

This city knows who you are I



And we'll be Your love in this city
We will live for Your love in this city
We will be Your heart in this city
We will live for Your heart in this city x2

Chorus: x2

CD 1
  • 1 All Things New
  • 2 Progress A
  • 3 We Are Alive
  • 4 All Around the World
  • 5 Undivided
  • 6 Walk in Love
  • 7 This City
  • 8 Sing Forever
  • 9 Great Things
  • 10 Progress B
  • 11 Sun Stand Still
  • 12 We Have Overcome
  • 13 We Were Far From You
  • 14 Here in This Place