Who Sang We Were Far From You? Elevation Worship

Release information
Release Date: 2008-7-10
length: 3:47

Verse 1:
Before time began
The world was never meant
To carry all our sin
Before we ran away
And lost what you had made
You planned to take our place

Pre-Chorus 1:
On the cross
You died so we could be alive
And you sought to bring us home

We were far from you
And nothing in this world could fill us up
But you brought us back

Verse 2:
Before we could come
And kneel before your throne
You had to send your son

You saw us in our need
You came to make us clean
You bled to set us free

Pre-Chorus 2:
On the cross
You died so we could be alive
And you fought to bring us home


Filled with your love
It's Christ in us
Freed by the blood of your son x2

Pre-Chorus x2

Chorus: x2

CD 1
  • 1 All Things New
  • 2 Progress A
  • 3 We Are Alive
  • 4 All Around the World
  • 5 Undivided
  • 6 Walk in Love
  • 7 This City
  • 8 Sing Forever
  • 9 Great Things
  • 10 Progress B
  • 11 Sun Stand Still
  • 12 We Have Overcome
  • 13 We Were Far From You
  • 14 Here in This Place