Who Sang Heavy? Eleven

Release information
Release Date: 1993-10-19
Genre: Rock
Style: Stoner Rock/Psychedelic Rock/Alternative Rock
length: 5:39
Zooming in from a distant night
Through clouds of storm and slowed down light
The mistress of shadows in a meadow on a rock
Is picking a lock as the mossy trees talk
Awakened in a pond the turtle comes forth
With promise of action as secrets unfold
Sleepers are walking with blindfold and book
A push through the fabric is all that it took

In a whirlwind of truth the center was clear
On the back of a turtle I waded through fear
Heavy is the dream as I burn in the sun

Heavy is the dream as I fall just for fun
Zooming out from an endless flight
Through oceans of doubt and left here or right
The master of illusions in a field on a stone
Is setting a trap in a bull's hip bone
Always on it's toes the turtle sees all
With mouthfuls of brilliance she gives me the ball
As serpents are writing it down in my book
A push through the fabric is all that it took

CD 1
  • 1 Crash Today
  • 2 Reach Out
  • 3 Towers
  • 4 Hieronymus
  • 5 Let Down (Left Out, Laughed At)
  • 6 Yes, Alright
  • 7 Ava Tar
  • 8 Slinky
  • 9 Runaway
  • 10 Heavy