Who Sang Yes, Alright? Eleven

Release information
Release Date: 1993-10-19
Genre: Rock
Style: Stoner Rock/Psychedelic Rock/Alternative Rock
length: 4:54
And when I turn around all the heavenly open eyes don't look twice
And when I hit the ground
There is no one that can keep me there 'cause I don't care
I never knew that I could lose you
I never thought that they'd abuse you

Say Love
Say Might
Say Dark
Say Night I won't die without a fight
Say Dog
Say Sight
Say God
Say Light
Say Yes,Alright
The table's turned away and we find the pie is made of clay and we obey
A child is lost at sea full of faces preaching misery, but not to me
I never knew that I'd awakened
I never thought the tree was shaken

CD 1
  • 1 Crash Today
  • 2 Reach Out
  • 3 Towers
  • 4 Hieronymus
  • 5 Let Down (Left Out, Laughed At)
  • 6 Yes, Alright
  • 7 Ava Tar
  • 8 Slinky
  • 9 Runaway
  • 10 Heavy