Who Sang Suffocate? Eligh feat. Marty James

Release information
Release Date: 2010-11-9
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:09
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When I'm busy catch her in the ride
When I catch you in the vibe in the fisher is a tide
Is it gonna be the vibe?
Cause my freedom is alive
Won't need it when I die
Passing on my wisdom to the aliens a grace
And now I'm racing too but now I'm picking up another case
Cause the bass vibrates even swimming through space
Can you feel the undertow?
Underdeveloped people never understand the meaning underground
Eternity internalize and resurrect it for the show
One for the money and two for my folks
Who come out when I speak
And I spoke from the heart
Harnessin', not panickin', not Anikan
In the force field shield, peel back wack crack is evil
Lackin Eligh like you won and wanna never run and never pack a gun
Never question in the lesser where's the fun in that?
Straight in tat, in tune with a knack to zoom
Women to the room but I'm always the guest
And I'm never the groom
So I loom an eventual tomb
Of loneliness consumed by light of the moon
Highly infallible need to be groomed
Since I was popped out the womb
So I'm looking for the love I'll never find again
I need to get away
I need a better day
I need to catch a break
I need to lacerate the sorriness away from the music and take me away

Music music won't you take me away?
Music music please take me away
Music music please take me away
Music music take take me away

They-they-they push me away. Push push me away, hey
Push me away (I'm through, I'm through)
Ah, ah suffocate, Ah, ah suffocate, Ah, ah suffocate
Can't move, can't move

Gandalf is a metronome of bass standing at the gate
Moving to the rhythm of the Earth that we dominate
Looking for the answers to the riddles that a cranium accommodates
I nominate the one that promenades the sun
"What is the reason I run on this track
That you've laid out before me?" I ask
"What is my task? What is this mask
They call skin on my face
And how long will it last?"
Lookin' to the questions I'm a keep it moving
Up into the ship aboard and leaving all behind this human warp speed
Millipede Many feet a marchin'
Centipede venom Centigrade hot in 'em
Crow on a hot tin roof and I'm a ride it
Cause I'm a pilot, so I'm a light it
And I'm a pirate so I'm a fight the fight and like it
Might get nuts if you keep falling behind
And you're losing your mind but you're choosing to find
A new definition looking at the prison of a decision not a suicide
Just you and I letting the music take us away



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  • Release information
    label: Legendary Music
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin