Who Sang Let's Kiss and Make Up? Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald Sings the George and Ira Gershwin Song Book cover art
Release information
Writer(s): George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin
Release Date: 1959
Genre: Jazz Pop
Style: Vocal/Swing
length: 3:50
producer: Norman Granz
engineer: Val Valentin
arranger: Nelson Riddle
piano: Paul Smith
bass: Joe Comfort
guitar: Barney Kessel
vocal: Ella Fitzgerald
drums (drum set): Alvin Stoller and Mel Lewis
alto saxophone: Ronnie Lang
bass trombone: George Roberts
cello: David Filerman, Eleanor Slatkin, Elizabeth Greenschpoon and George Neikrug
conductor: Nelson Riddle
French horn: James Decker and Vincent DeRosa
lead vocals: Ella Fitzgerald
percussion: Larry Bunker
performer: Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra
trombone: Dick Nash, Jimmy Priddy and Pullman “Tommy” Pederson
trumpet: Don Fagerquist
tuba: Ed Gilbert
viola: Alvin Dinkin and Stanley Harris
violin: Alex Beller, Ben Gill, Erno Neufeld, Felix Slatkin, Harold Dicterow, Murray Kellner, Nathan Ross, Paul Shure, Victor Arno and Victor Bay
woodwind: Champ Webb, Jewell Grant, Jules Jacob, Wilbur Schwartz and William Green
lyricist: Ira Gershwin
composer: George Gershwin
I didn't mean to,
Start any scene to
Make you sigh
Hope to die

It's most immoral
For us to quarrel
Why can't we
Both agree

Don't you know Ben Franklin wrote about this thing at length?
On the proposition that in union there is strength?
Why raise a storm up
If we'll just warm up

The blues will slumber
We'll have their number
Let's kiss and make up
Come on, let's wake up

For I need you and you need me
Let's kiss and make up
No use to break up
When we can live in harmony

I'll give you your way
You give me my way
And out the doorway
Our cares will fly away

If we be happy
The way is clear
Let's kiss, and make up
No use to break up

We need each other, dear
Let's kiss and make up
No cares to rake up
For I need you and you need me

No reprimanding
Full understanding
That we can live in harmony
The world is prose-why

When we are fighting
Lets make it rosy
By reuniting
Two heads are better

Than what I hear
Let's kiss and make up
No use to break up
We need each other, dear

Why should we shake up
A new earthquake-up
Take the uptake-up
And soon they'll bake-up

A wedding cake-up
Let's kiss and make up
We need each other dear

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