Who Sang More Fire? Elliphant feat. Niki and the Dove & Ras Fraser Jr.

Ras Fraser Jr. A Good Idea cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-10-9
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Reggae Pop
Style: Breakbeat/Indie Pop/Dancehall
length: 4:09

[Verse 1: Elliphant]
Can I, can I, can I talk right now
Na missy busy jumping, busy jumping around
Missy breaking down, breaking used to me
Frizzi is my favorite grizzy growing to be
I got a 1, got a 2, got a 3, got a 4
Different state of mind, don’t mind me personality
I can handle it, you can handle me you know
You could na run it without me you know
You gotta bare foot climb a wicked tree
Drifting fearless in a one place to be
I gotta ride ride ride, I gotta fly fly fly

[Hook: Niki & The Dove & Elliphant]
Oh! If tomorrow comes (more fire)
I wanna waste my love on you
Like a pearl merchant
I’m ready to learn
What it takes to burn
I’m gonna let you show me (more fire)
What it means to breath fire (more fire)

[Verse 2: Elliphant]
I gotta brake, gotta wake, gotta make fire
Shake the fake, cut the stake, run the ache, gotta
Put some socks on yada
I gotta brush my teeth, gotta
Scratch my back, you rather
Make some cheese man to dada
Make a breed
But most of all I need to make more fire
You could not run this without me you know
You could not na get a flees here yo
It’s a fucking scary planet that you drifting in a puff
Life is a tough, blame no tree though yo
Sup bitches
Cannot sleep no more
More fire
Cannot na gotta wait it’s a more fire moment

[Hook: Niki & The Dove & Elliphant]

[Bridge: Ras Fraser Jr.] (x2)
A lot of people don’t got no fire in them
Ah I wondering if the devil hiring them
Just the words from my mouth yes a fire again
Elliphant just pass the fire make me burn them again

[Hook: Niki & The Dove & Elliphant]

[Outro: Niki & The Dove & Ras Fraser Jr.]
Oh! If tomorrow comes
I wanna waste my love on you
Like a pearl merchant
I’m ready, I’m ready to learn
I’m ready, I’m ready
I’m ready to
Burning in my soul
Fire out of control
I feel it burning in my soul
Fire out of control

CD 1
  • 1 Music Is Life
  • 2 Live Till I Die
  • 3 Could It Be
  • 4 Where Is My Mama At
  • 5 Shoot Me Down
  • 6 Toilet Line Romance
  • 7 Down On Life
  • 8 Run Far
  • 9 More Fire
  • 10 Boom Your Head
  • 11 Paint The World
  • 12 Want It
  • 13 Pac Man
  • 14 Pom Pom
  • 15 Bitch Out

  • Release information
    label: Record Company TEN
    country(area): Sweden
    format: CD
    barcode: 602537561711
    script: Latin