Elton John - Between 17 and 20 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1976-10-22
ジャンル: Rock Funk / Soul
スタイル: Pop Rock/Soul/Disco/Soft Rock/Rhythm & Blues/Psychedelic Rock/Gospel/Ballad
length: 5:18
producer: Gus Dudgeon and John Stewart
membranophone: Roger Pope
lead vocals: Elton John
engineer: Gus Dudgeon
electric guitar: Caleb Quaye
organ: James Newton Howard
bass guitar: Kenny Passarelli
shakers & congas & tambourine: Ray Cooper
I wonder who's sleeping in your sheets tonight
Whose head rests upon the bed
Could it be a close friend I knew so well
Who seems to be so close to you instead
Close to you instead

I'm blue tonight, I'm red when I'm mad
I'm green when I'm jealous, yellow when I'm sad
I guess I cannot have everything
So much has flown between the years
When I was twenty and you were seventeen

So out of choice I chose rock and roll
But it pushed me to the limit everyday
It turned me into a gypsy, kept me away from home
From there on, there seemed no use for you
For you to stay

And if I shower around 3 a.m.
It's just to wash away
The trace of a love unwanted
Oh in the times I went astray
The times I went astray

So much has flown between the years
When I was twenty and you were seventeen

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