Who Sang The Imposter? Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Elvis Costello & The Attractions Get Happy!! cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1980-2-15
length: 1:59
producer: Nick Lowe
Trying to be too bad
Trying to talk too tough
Trying to jack the lad
You`d think he`d had enough

But he`s not the man you`d think that he can be
I just don`t know why you can`t see
That he is only the impostor
That he is only the impostor

You've never been this far
You've always been too smart
And you know all our boys
Are really girls at heart

But he`s not
When I said that I was lying I might have been lying
Never let me hear you say you`re not trying

This is your big decision
Hope you`re not disappointed
He`s got double vision
When you want him double jointed

And he`s not
He`ll only bring you souvenirs
It`s only gonna end in tears
And he is only the impostor

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