Who Sang The Day I Was Born? EMF

EMF Cha Cha Cha cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995
Genre: Electronic Rock Pop
Style: Alternative Rock/Synth-pop/Indie Rock
length: 3:51
Wish me luck
I'll take anything this world can throw me
I'll love it and leave it and
Kiss the world goodbye you see
I'll travel my journey
With a suicide pack
I'll be free
Hello, goodbye, the best of luck
I'm gone

From the day I was born
I lived my live to the full
Tried everything once
Now I'm ready for more
Now I'm ready for more

I'll think of my live
The days turn from months, to years
To nothing
I didn't think, I'd have the guts
To go with it
I'll think of my friends
The people I hate and the people
I never got to meet
Hello, goodbye, the best of luck
I'm gone from
The day I was born

So good to see you
But now I'm movin' on
Been good to be here
But it's gone on too long
It's good to see you so good
To see the back of you
Where you ever misunderstood?
Did anyone say you have to stay?
Think of the happiness you bring
Think of the day you were born

Remember my family yeah
Keep my habits clean you see
I'll bless the beggar's dog
If god blesses the trees
Stay out of trouble you know
Keep the cream on the cake
Take no ones word for nothing
Thank you goodnight
Best of luck
I'm gone

From the day I was born


CD 1
  • 1 Perfect Day
  • 2 La Plage
  • 3 The Day I Was Born
  • 4 Secrets
  • 5 Shining
  • 6 Bring Me Down
  • 7 Skin
  • 8 Slouch
  • 9 Bleeding You Dry
  • 10 Patterns
  • 11 When Will You Come
  • 12 West of the Cox
  • 13 Ballad of the Bishop
  • 14 Glass Smash Jack