Who Sang What About Me?? Emilia

Emilia Big Big World cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Lars Anderson, Emilia Rydberg
Release Date: 1998-10-23
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Pop
Style: House/Europop/Downtempo
length: 3:32
Everything about you was so special
I thought our love would last
Standing by your side
Making me so strong
'Cause you were my man
Whom I will always love

What about me?
What about us?
What all the things you said?
What about me?
What about me?
What about love?
What about all the things we had?
What about me?

Lies and secrets came into our life
Our love faded away
You closed the door
Leaving me behind
But what means a farewell?
Is this the end?


Come summer with joy,
To ease my pain
Come birds in the tree,
To sing me a song
Come waves of the sea,
To take me away
Come angels,
To be by my side.

CD 1
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  • 2 Big Big World
  • 3 Come Into My Life
  • 4 Twist of Fate
  • 5 Like Chocolate
  • 6 What About Me?
  • 7 Life (Will Never Be the Same)
  • 8 Daddy's Girl
  • 9 Adam & Eve
  • 10 Maybe, Baby