Who Sang War? Emily’s Army

Emily’s Army Lost at Seventeen cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-6-11
Genre: Rock
Style: Pop Rock
length: 2:28
Ask him who's wrong.
Can't you get along?
Break out your chess set,
We need more p___s!
Keep dragging on.
Johnny, get your gun.
We need you out there, even though we've won.
I'm not an expert, and I got no details, but it feels so retail like toy soldiers in a store.
Do they need our protection?
Do we need there direction to keep our ways?
I'm not anti-American, I'm not anti-war.
I'm anti-h___ding, I'm anti-more!
Take what you need, but give it back.
If god is out there, he'd have my back...

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Parttime Bum
  • 2 Jamie
  • 3 Gübermensch
  • 4 Avenue
  • 5 I Am the President
  • 6 The Kids Just Wanna Dance
  • 7 Pathetic and in Love
  • 8 On the Roof
  • 9 The Rescuers
  • 10 War
  • 11 Rain
  • 12 If Our Music Plays Again
  • 13 18 Years
  • 14 Elephant
  • 15 Digital Drugs
  • 16 Lost at 17