Who Sang Tragedy Insane? End of Green

End of Green Last Night on Earth cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-5-26
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Doom Metal/Goth Rock
length: 3:41
I taste the days before i leave, I'm waiting still in grief.
A dissappointed night.
I gaze, i gaze what i have done. The end of things to come.
Not scared what i have done.
I wait, I'm waiting here and bleed, I'm waiting still in grief, abusing all
the time.
I sink, I'm sinking down tonight, still wait that bitch called life, the end
begins tonight.
'Cause there's no more feeling, here I am, I am the last one, the last one
in this night.
I gaze, I gaze my open veins. the morphine makes insane, abuse me all the
It makes, it makes me feel alive, the drug will keep me smile.
I say the world goodbye, I'm leaving with a smile.
You will see, I'm crawling, use the switch, I'm falling through the other
side, tragedy insane.
One last pill, I'm crawling, use the switch, I'm falling, I'm falling down.

CD 1
  • 1 Evergreen
  • 2 Tormented Sundown
  • 3 Demons
  • 4 Dying in Moments
  • 5 Queen of My Dreams
  • 6 Tragedy Insane
  • 7 Highway 69
  • 8 Melanchoholic
  • 9 Emptiness/ Lost Control