Who Sang Friday Night? End of the Line

Release information
Release Date: 2005
length: 3:55
Friday night, about 12 o'clock
the most f***** up club in town.
and you're really down at heel when you're there to hang around.
one single good friend left this night
both of us d*** drunk and tired.
no indication, no sign that anything could turn out fine.
Another senseless night in a stupid life.
and nothing will turn out fine.
But suddenly
seemed like a dream this girl appeared right next to me.
and i was sure she'd ask me for a lighter, beer, dope or something else for free.
"i noticed you right from the start"
at that point she broke my heart.
"and i want to get to know you"
where's the camera of this f****** show?
"would it bother you if I kissed your lips?"
oh man i'm on incredible trips. well...no!
let's go there's nothing left to say.

What an awesome night, it is a beautiful life.
and everything will turnout fine

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