Who Sang Where Did We Go Wrong?? Endstand

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Release Date: 1999
length: 1:27
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who the f*** gave the u.s.a. the place as a world police to do what ever they want, where ever they want. if there wasn't oil in iraq, i'm sure they wouldn't give a flying f*** for them. what's the need for united nations when we have the u.s.a. - the land of the free that loves to go to war. i'd already thought there was some kind of rules in nowaday's "civilized world" (but i guess i was badly wrong...) what the f*** is wrong? where the f*** did we go wrong?

  • 1 Mission Achieved
  • 2 This Is Not the End
  • 3 Question Everything
  • 4 The More I Know
  • 5 Where Did We Go Wrong?
  • 6 Molded
  • 7 Small Sacrifices for a Big Changes
  • 8 Whole Life Ahead
  • 9 It's Not So Long Time Ago...
  • 10 Changes
  • 11 I Hate People Your Kind
  • 12 U.S.E.
  • 13 A Song for a Right to Choose
  • 14 Choice
  • 15 More Hardcore Than You
  • 16 U.S.E.
  • 17 Forbidden Love

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    country(area): Finland
    script: Latin