Who Sang The Return? Engelsstaub

Release information
Release Date: 2002
length: 5:21

My dear I'm here again so lay softly down to sleep
I close your eyes and make you dream of me
Dazed by sleep let yourself fall in a space between
Where I cushion you in my arms

A sweet smell of death and perfume all around me
Soft light and shadows whisking away
Ghostly immortal coils rove aimlessly
Searching for the dreams which will take them away to their beloved for a moment in their death

I'm aware that you are here and I'm yearning your touch
Now you have come to visit my sleep
And I have found my true love again
We two become one here in
I'll guide you through my land and we can be together for a time that lasts a dream

CD 1
  • 1 Kissed by God
  • 2 Hell on Earth
  • 3 [untitled]
  • 4 Our Father
  • 5 Earth in Hell
  • 6 Alone
  • 7 Winter Marches On
  • 8 The Return
  • 9 My Last Step
  • 10 King of Ice
  • 11 Mothers of the Disappeared
  • 12 Lost Purity
  • 13 L'apell de l'ange
  • 14 Eden's Rising
  • 15 Kingdom of Blindness
  • 16 1226 A.D.
  • 17 The Damned Don't Cry