Who Sang 101? Engine Down

Engine Down Engine Down cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-8-24
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Indie Rock/Hardcore
length: 3:42
If this is what has to happen, then fine
An icon of better living, that shines
Don't tell me that I'm blind
Will you accept this forward line?
It's so thick in drama as if a fatal sign

If not now, if not then
We won't have to say it must end
If not soon, if not far
We won't have to delay a false start

Why take a moment so pure you know
Throw dirt on its face to watch it grow
This glass is half full a fake glow
This glass is leaking in a beautiful flow

Fine is darker than need to be
Lay it on thick till someone bleeds
It seems the worst is always free
It was just the thing you waited to see
You waited to see
You waited to see
You waited to see
You waited to see

Take a seat open up
First lesson is how you listen
Choose wisely a character
Commit less with no barrier
Don't worry the devotion is there
They all listen to what you spoke
Just don't hold your breath on a note
You'll be seen but you will not vote

CD 1
  • 1 Rogue
  • 2 And Done
  • 3 Control Group
  • 4 Cover
  • 5 In Turn
  • 6 Long Time Waiting
  • 7 Too Much of a Good Thing
  • 8 101
  • 9 The Walk In
  • 10 Standby
  • 11 Well Read
  • 12 Etcetera