Who Sang For the Sum of It? Enon

Enon Believo! cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-3-14
length: 5:12

I've got one more try, that's why I'm waiting
I don't know why the numbers don't comply
They're only interested in going by
They're playing along has my bills numbers on the free of the bored temp
And all the clues awake the park old sets and license plates
And don't forget to check your meal check
And all those coupon expiration dates

After all the odds and evens anything that they will try
The mob just won't say why
When only mercy beats a passerby
And maybe all our luck is crouched
And waiting til there's nothing that cushions
And all of it appears as clear as any other entertainment
Steers for numbers get them slumber fading numb and cumbersome
Our lovers some are others for the sum of it and some for no reason

And we wait for a resolution
Carbon dates show the revolution

CD 1
  • 1 Rubber Car
  • 2 Cruel
  • 3 Conjugate the Verbs
  • 4 Believo!
  • 5 Come Into
  • 6 Matters Gray
  • 7 Get the Letter Out
  • 8 World in a Jar
  • 9 For the Sum of It
  • 10 Elected
  • 11 Biofeedback