Who Sang #22? Ensign

Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore/Punk
length: 1:32
This system based on murder
Satisfaction of our hunger
Depends on the blood of others
We pull the end nearer and nearer
Because we refuse to change
We refuse to see the error, the error, of our ways
Building up to tear it down
Burn this system to the ground
So your conscience can be clean
When will you fucking get it
Can't you fucking see
Until we end the slaughter
And you still don't fucking get it
We抳e got to find
A better way to live
We抳e got to change
But we choose to stand
Knee deep in denial
To satisfy our greed
Without compassion
We silence the cries
That haunt us everyday

CD 1
  • 1 Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
  • 2 #22
  • 3 15 Years
  • 4 Wash Away
  • 5 Fade Into Years
  • 6 Waiting for the Breakdown
  • 7 Absent
  • 8 For the Record
  • 9 Winner Takes All
  • 10 Never Give In
  • 11 Pale Horse
  • 12 Unanswered
  • 13 DBC
  • 14 Cornered
  • 15 The Road Less Traveled
  • 16 Fallen