Who Sang Arm Yourself? Entrain

Release information
Release Date: 1994
length: 3:20

Late last night come crashing through my window
Like a rock from a fist thrown in anger
The way I fight, I wrap love around me
You got to load up on Love it's the only way

You've got to arm yourselfwith love

Forces of darkness marching on the big screen
Are no match for a heart filled with passion
Release the harness. Let love roam free
You got to unleash your love it's the only way

You've got to arm yourself with love

CD 1
  • 1 Letter to the World
  • 2 Off This Train
  • 3 Back in a Minute
  • 4 Two Different Paradigms
  • 5 Nancy
  • 6 Johnny and Courtney
  • 7 Mondo Surdo
  • 8 All One (We Are All Connected)
  • 9 Jolly Green Giant
  • 10 Fresh
  • 11 Jolene
  • 12 Arm Yourself