Who Sang House on the Hill? Entrain

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Release Date: 1996
length: 6:08
Down here the wind blows
But it only fans the flames
Kickin' up the dirt
And stirrin' up the shame
While through the palace walls
It's a cool breeze like a dream
No trace of the madness or the
Sorrow it has seen

House on the hill
On shakey ground it stands
Built from the blood of the Earth and man
You see it from the beaches
When they're far below its walls
The time is unrelenting
Brutal in its course

And the house on the hill
Will come fallin' down
Those within these walls
See what life is on the ground
And the time to change the flow
But no barriers of gold

Save the house on the hill (2x)

There's some around that say
That a match cannot burn twice
But I'm waitin' for the day when the fire turns to ice
They're way up in the tower
But they're never lookin' down
I'm gonna take them from behind
Steal the rubies from their crown

And the house on the hill...

CD 1
  • 1 Tarbosh (Dancin' In The Light)
  • 2 River Run
  • 3 North Shore Drift
  • 4 A-La-Hey
  • 5 Anyway
  • 6 Mother Street
  • 7 Annie
  • 8 House on the Hill
  • 9 One Earth
  • 10 Scatter The Fire
  • 11 Hear My Prayer
  • 12 Mo' Drums
  • 13 Can U Get It

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    label: Dolphin Safe
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 612921370225
    script: Latin