Who Sang Letter to the World? Entrain

Release information
Release Date: 1994
length: 5:29

Think back to a younger day
When your air was sweet with no acid rain
Not long ago your water we drank
Was as pure as the driven snow
So I write you this formal note
That this letter signifies our open eyes
Ashes to ashes and dust from dust
I'm a man and your the mother earth

Hear my letter to the world
A amay amasa

Fish are dying below in the streams
Our children may not realize their dreams
May be to late but we don't know yet
Could we ever clean up such a mess?
Your face is worn all your wrinkles show
From years of neglect though we should have known. The red man tried to teach us long ago
We're just man and your the Mother Earth...

Hear my letter to the world
A amay amasa

CD 1
  • 1 Letter to the World
  • 2 Off This Train
  • 3 Back in a Minute
  • 4 Two Different Paradigms
  • 5 Nancy
  • 6 Johnny and Courtney
  • 7 Mondo Surdo
  • 8 All One (We Are All Connected)
  • 9 Jolly Green Giant
  • 10 Fresh
  • 11 Jolene
  • 12 Arm Yourself