Who Sang Nancy? Entrain

Release information
Release Date: 1994
length: 4:29

Last night I died staring in your eyes
Did we connect or just in my mind?
And now I'm callin' but your never at home
So matter of fact when I spoke to you on the phone...

Our date was a movie and a pizza pie
What a night of fun staring at the sky
But when I woke it hit me the next morning at home that I love you Nancy, I can't

She's Nancy with the laughing eyes

I remember that you had once chased me
Now the tables have turned, Cupid's arrow struck me
Came to a gig and you slipped a note in my hand
Was my night of love with you a one night stand?
She's Nancy with the laughing.......

Did you run run, did you run run? be here alone

She's Nancy with the laughing eyes

We could travel the world if you just let me
Take you to Milan, Spain or Italy
What can I do for you to take me seriously?
If you won't love me take this spell off of me

Oh Nancy with the laughing eyes

CD 1
  • 1 Letter to the World
  • 2 Off This Train
  • 3 Back in a Minute
  • 4 Two Different Paradigms
  • 5 Nancy
  • 6 Johnny and Courtney
  • 7 Mondo Surdo
  • 8 All One (We Are All Connected)
  • 9 Jolly Green Giant
  • 10 Fresh
  • 11 Jolene
  • 12 Arm Yourself