Who Sang Rise Up? Entrain

Entrain Entrain cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Rock Reggae Blues
Style: Ska
length: 4:43

And to the love everybody must rise up
Touch the sun catch the breeze
We gonna fly up
In the love we see that no man is an island
In singin we go find the silence
Now don't you run from the heart and its power
Hidin' away everyday in your ivory tower
Thinkin' about the past and the mistakes we made
Wreckin' upon the rocks is the gamble that we take

You've got to
Find forgiveness like a fruit on the vine
Give a listen to the voices in the back of your mind
Sometimes the softest voice tells the loudest tale
Kickin' it wicked wicked like a wind in your sail
Provide a fuel for the necessary thing
Love is the rule, love is the reason that we sing
And upon the stage I say like from the mountaintop
In a positive style you got to rise up, rise up

Listen to the wisdom of the jamdown
In the flow, In the know, it's a throwdown a throwdown
Keepin' the bodies in gyration, a throwdown
Keepin' a positive vibration
Keep a steady hand on the grooves that ignite you
All 'cross the land, kickin' the jams that excite you
Ease up on the demons, feel the warm sun glow
I busy, I get steamin' and I'm good to go
Come now

In a one world style that can turn on a dime
Anyone can walk a country mile in a record time
I've a big big heart, I get the big big respect
Nicin' up the body like a rough neck
Step around, Step around-boom-move your body to the one world sound (2x)
Oooh, everybody gotta rise up rise up...

CD 1
  • 1 Hear That Long Snake Moan
  • 2 Rise Up
  • 3 Hurt Me So
  • 4 Mother Street
  • 5 Booty Roll
  • 6 Funky Love Attack
  • 7 House on the Hill
  • 8 Shine On
  • 9 Dance of the Cuban Cigar
  • 10 Mexican Bus
  • 11 Uncle Jolly