Nocturnal Deity Lyrics - Epicurean

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Release Date: 2003

Luminous, a reverie disguised
Fleeting winds sear upon the horizon
Prophecies remain obscured
Pitiless and torn by tranquility
Recollections elicit these fears
Subsided by the viligence of sorcery
Challenging, yet unabridged
Enthralled by this manifest of elegance
Dreams of solemn winds embrace
Deny the sun to soar, repent prevalence
Mystic wisdom bounds in passive glory
Ravish nightfall, accede eternal bliss
Attain euphonious winds, archaic and viligant
Dreams of solemn winds embrace
Transcending to a serene abyss
A gateway to the paramount of suffering
Eminating with a sense of wonder
Transformed to the conqueror of nightmares
Thy will is a terminus of vengeance
Obliterating those engulfed in virtue
Paralyze the impeccable with wizardry
Haggard minds will comprehend my victory
Expel convictions of the sculpted lie
Invoked by the powers of darkness
Fate enraptures in this moonlit symphony
Bewitching eyes conjured in nocturnal deity
Dreams of solemn winds embrace
A symbol of energy restored
Nocturnal, a deity shall arise!

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