Talent of the Gods Lyrics - Epicurean

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Release Date: 2003

Exploring the Night
Reveals Blackened light
Confronting the energies from Gods below
Respect Divine
Refute the Blind
Godly seeds which can't be sown
Summon the Blaze
Of Ancestral Haze
Destroy the seed of time unborn
Birth of Flesh
And forced to Mesh
Diluting all Creed and Sanctity
A sign from the ones who have chosen me
Destiny unknown
Nova to Ice
Mortality Sufficed
Destiny lies within the sky
Pain and Joy
Build to Destroy
Mere mortals live the lie
The Earth will quake
As the Tide awakes
Enveloping the Storm Serene
Enlist the Rain
For our will to feign
Absorb the callous and abhorrent scene
A sign from the ones who have chosen me
Destiny Unknown
I have seen the Talent Of The Gods
Reaching for mystic Domain
Weaving spells extend my mind;
This is a goal;
It's not in vain

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CD 1
  • 1 Deviance of Horror
  • 2 Channeling Divine Creations
  • 3 Demise, the Shattered Soul
  • 4 The Dying of the Light
  • 5 Hypnotic Descent
  • 6 The Irreparable Loss of Sons
  • 7 Netherworld
  • 8 Nocturnal Deity
  • 9 Talent of the Gods
  • 10 Ceremonies of the Moon
  • 11 The Third Moon of Tragedy
  • 12 Prophetic Damnation
  • 13 De Natura Decorum