The Dying of the Light Lyrics - Epicurean

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Release Date: 2003

Behold, a majestic cycle
When lustre fades
A bitter sunset, celestial blaze
Placid silence, eternal dusk
An alluring bestowal
All for the ones who shun the light
Rejoice, regain your strength through essence
Foretell, reveal this twilight presence
Extol, affirm the summoning of winter
Grandeur, yet shunned this once
Forsaken myth
Bleed, our crimson season
Immaculate purge
Binding malice through treason
Divinity blurred
Delusions are shattered
This course is clear
Unparalleled masses, corrupted by fear
Our centuries pass with remorseful lies
The dying of the light
A scenery changed by nocturnal rites
The dying of the light
These mysteries are banished to protect my eyes
The dying of the light
Finally I journey through the dismal skies
The dying of the light

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