Who Sang Close to You? Equatronic

Equatronic Shadowland cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1997
length: 3:26

I wave goodbye when softly rain falls
I see you face and I regret
That I am silent and forget to say
Only with you I share my dreams

I lie asleep and dream of feeling you
Like a child of his first kiss
Where are the angels making dreams come true?
Where are the angels like you?

I ask myself why you were turning round
And smile to me all time you leave
It's destination – lost and found
I feel your heart is close to me

I close my eyes and let my fear behind
I close my eyes to keep you there behind

I don't know why she calls my name
But there's a reason and I get
A warm strange feeling when I take her hand
I'll never let her go again

CD 1
  • 1 Nightmare
  • 2 Assistant Views
  • 3 Follow Your Mind
  • 4 Shadowland
  • 5 Late Night Show
  • 6 Silent Sea
  • 7 Close to You
  • 8 Searing Eyes
  • 9 Awake
  • 10 No Tomorrow
  • 11 Tango
  • 12 Blue
  • 13 Far Away