Who Sang Back in Love? Estelle

Estelle Shine cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-3-31
Genre: Hip Hop Reggae Funk / Soul Pop
Style: Reggae/Pop Rap/Conscious/Neo Soul
length: 4:02
Love was simple
At the start
We thought that, that was all

Somehow we got lost
and now that we were what we have before
Together we make music
It was like the sweetest song

The melody is so strong
We played it all day long

I know nothing ever stays the same
We all grow
Even if our love should change
You should know
I don't want you to leave
Don't go...don't go

Promise you have a good girl
Now I'm back in love again
Now I'm back in love again
You say this song would never never end
It's better then it's ever been
Now I'm back in love again
Now I'm back in love again

Now we took it back to were
We started off
And, I see that you are exactly
What I needed in my life

'Cause this goes longer
We'll go stronger
Until we get it right
It gets better every day
Sweeter every night

When we fight
I know you never mean the things you say
We go back and forth
Then you walk away

Every time you go out the door
I cry
Say our love will never die


Babe, I'm so glad you came by
You know
You never know how things turn out, so...
It's proof to you that I'm being real

I want to live forever with you
Together with you
I'm better with you

I'll go
Through whatever with you
I'm living with you
It's what I want to do

Have faith
That I am the one
The one that you want
We already begun

This love
Is something we made
I won't throw away
I want you to stay


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