Who Sang Lovelorn? Eternal Deformity

Release information
Release Date: 2008-2-29
length: 7:24
You poisoned a holy heart
You raped an innocent mind
And opened a sealed estate
Your a***nic instead of my blood
Brought the bitterness in
My quiet world
You offered illusion
In a cute package of words
You made me thirsty of what I despise
I was bandit and banit
Because of you, false
"Come on, Jealousy
Yield the relief for my craving body
Zone of nothing, zone of fire..."

I wished to overcome you
But I became a victim
Of your unconscious conspiracy

"And I was suffering so hard
But my suffering is a proof of my higher rank
Thus, finally, I won"

CD 1
  • 1 Retrospection
  • 2 The Force of Your Heart
  • 3 Unholy Divine
  • 4 Little 15
  • 5 Crime
  • 6 So Silent
  • 7 Thor's Message
  • 8 Endless Night
  • 9 Lovelorn