Who Sang The Force of Your Heart? Eternal Deformity

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Release Date: 2008-2-29
Spit at the throne for the highest wisdom
Take your sheep into the dark
A taste of his blood is a taste of heaven
Are you sure it's all what you want
I can give YOU my soul
I can give YOU my heart
Don't blame them without reason
Don't change your way because of them
Like a warrior before the dawn
With only one hope and...
... The force of your heart

I came down from heaven
I gave you hope and dreams
Just worship me little mice
Till the end of time

CD 1
  • 1 Retrospection
  • 2 The Force of Your Heart
  • 3 Unholy Divine
  • 4 Little 15
  • 5 Crime
  • 6 So Silent
  • 7 Thor's Message
  • 8 Endless Night
  • 9 Lovelorn