I Cry Real Tears Lyrics - Eternal

Release information
Release Date: 1999-11-8
Genre: Funk / Soul Pop
Style: RnB/Swing/Pop Rap
length: 4:25
Every little teardrop
That falls from my eyes
They fall for you
I cry real tears baby
Every little teardrop
That falls from my eyes
They fall for you

You oughta be ashamed of yourself
The way you talk down to me
Didn't anybody ever teach you
To act more respectfully

I'm telling you
That I'm only human too
Don't you realise
Look at my face
What do you see in my eyes
When a part of me just dies?

I cry real tears
I have real fears
I've got a heart that's beating inside
Sometimes it breaks
And when it aches
My eyes cry real tears

You treat me like
You think I'm made of stone
Like when I'm cut I don't bleed
Oh baby
Don't you know that
I'm just flesh and bones
So what do you want from me



There's something called the golden rule
Someday you'll wished you'd follow it more
You've been a fool
My love is truer than any love you will find
But I'm worth so much more and so is my time

[Chorus to end]

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