Missing You Lyrics - Eternal

Release information
Release Date: 1999-11-8
Genre: Funk / Soul Pop
Style: RnB/Swing/Pop Rap
length: 4:19
As I kiss the air
Thinking you were there
But you're not anywhere
My feelings of despair
For a love affair
For which I just don't care

You know that I'm missing you baby
I don't wanna crawl my way back
You know that I'm missing you baby
I don't wanna turn back on those lights
You know that I'm missing you baby
Oh but you hurt my heart so bad
You know that I'm missing you baby

As I look at you
I'm lonely and confused
Burnt out like a fuse
I know I can't explain
All the things I do
And the things I say
Baby why can't we stay together
Maybe it's not meant to be
It hurts so bad
But I can't turn back
Every night I close my eyes
I can feel my compromise
Still wanting you
(I'm needing you)
I'm still missing you


You're my ultimate dream
You set my soul free
You taught me to love
And how to be loved
And now that you're gone
It's hard for me to move on
No day goes by
I'm not missing you

[Chorus to fade]

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