Who Sang Blue Above the Rooftops? Eugenius

Release information
Release Date: 1994-1-13
length: 3:01
Blue above the rooftops
And the birds will sing
For my heart swoops as if
Suspended from the sky with string
'Cause every single day
You're on mind

I've been swimming upstream
Just to feel the breeze
In my face people tend to laugh
But I love to breathe
'Cause every single day
You're on mind

Sleeping in the grass
That grows as high as trees
Oh will you burn your worry beads
And we will both believe
'Cause every single day
You're on mind

CD 1
  • 1 Peeble/Shoe
  • 2 On the Breeze
  • 3 Blue Above the Rooftops
  • 4 The Moon's a Ballon
  • 5 Mary Queen of Scots
  • 6 Easter Bunny
  • 7 Let's Hibernate
  • 8 Friendly High
  • 9 River Clyde Song
  • 10 Tongue Rock
  • 11 Fake Digit
  • 12 Love, Bread and Beers