Who Sang Mary Queen of Scots? Eugenius

Release information
Release Date: 1994-1-13

Well stroll on
I think I'm getting into Scotia
Everybody knows the songs
Flowers brave and Kings forever
Mary Queen of Scots danced round all the shops
Wearing hand me downs bought for half a crown, it goes on
Gown with half a crown, it goes on
Mary Queen is looking great,It goes on
Hold on, my song
Well, come on
I think I'll do the Fonda work out
Everybody's getting strong
They're going to have to drink the water
Mary Queen of Scots wasn't very hot in a wedding gown
Bought for half a crown
I need your everything, everything to make it all
Worthwhile while we wait Mary Queen is looking great

CD 1
  • 1 Peeble/Shoe
  • 2 On the Breeze
  • 3 Blue Above the Rooftops
  • 4 The Moon's a Ballon
  • 5 Mary Queen of Scots
  • 6 Easter Bunny
  • 7 Let's Hibernate
  • 8 Friendly High
  • 9 River Clyde Song
  • 10 Tongue Rock
  • 11 Fake Digit
  • 12 Love, Bread and Beers